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Intelligent RPA management

Optomo offers three core features for increased RPA operation efficiency and insightful performance analytics.

Our intelligent algorithms cater to your business needs, optimizing robot tasks and schedules for peak infrastructure efficiency.

Gain transparency with our insightful dashboards. Identify issues and quantify your robots' real operational value.

Stay informed about operational incidents with our active monitoring. Many incidents are automatically resolved for streamlined oversight.

Business Case

Realize significant savings

Optomo helps organizations realize substantial cost savings on their RPA operations by improving operational efficiencies and the utilization of licenses and VDIs. See examples below or click through to calculate an estimation for your operation.

Small operation
€ 54.000
In annual savings with 10 robots
Medium operation
€ 208.000
In annual savings with 50 robots
Large operation
€ 990.000
In annual savings with 300 robots

How Optomo works

Optomo seamlessly integrates with your existing RPA operation, requiring no modifications to your processes or current infrastructure. Empowering you to scale automation within your organization, it helps you optimize your operation for maximum efficiency.

How it works

Smart Orchestration

Optomo's self-optimizing automation engine enables new flexible ways to schedule and trigger your automations and integrate them into external automation workflows. It can intelligently prioritize work depending on your business needs and RPA infrastructure to ensure the most efficient utilization of your resources.

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Value-adding insights

Real-time dashboards lets you see how your operation is doing for you to quickly identify operational issues and opportunities. Deep-dive into specific cases, logs, and exceptions and keep track of the value generated by your operation over time to better communicate the impact of RPA to the business.

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Proactive monitoring

Optomo's self-healing capabilities automates the handling of many operational incidents. such as restarting failed schedules. In case issues cannot be handled automatically, you are proactively notified of the incidents needing manual intervention as they happen, ensuring a smooth operation.

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Integration with leading RPA vendors

The Optomo platform is constantly being improved and expanded, including more integrations within the domain of automation.

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