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Proactive monitoring

Ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of your RPA operations with the platform's proactive monitoring feature.

Efficient operation management

Minimize time spent on routine operational tasks. Our proactive monitoring automates many of the tedious processes, freeing up valuable developer time. Say goodbye to manual checks and the need to restart failed schedules each morning.

Self-healing automations

Our automation monitoring feature empowers organizations to manage and recover swiftly from errors or failures in their automations and resources. Whether it's an automatic restart of failed schedules or an automation getting stuck, we actively monitor and intervene if issues arise.

Real-Time notifications

We have inverted the process so that you only get involved when necessary. If something fails and proactive monitoring does not fix it, you will receive an instant notification. Stay informed without constant checking.

Service window management

Easily manage downtime for your operations. Simply input the downtime for any application or other source your automation operates with, and Optomo will automatically adjust any automation schedule to work around it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my robots crash or get stuck?
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Optomo's robust monitoring feature keeps an eye on your robotic schedules and resources. In the event of a hiccup, it swiftly steps in to get them back up and running. This, among other safeguards, ensures a smooth and uninterrupted operation.

What happens when processes are getting stuck or freezing?
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Optomo actively monitors the states of all running bots. If a bot freezes or gets stuck, Optomo takes appropriate action to recover or restart the bot, preventing any disruption in the process flow.

Can I specify which users will be notified?
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Absolutely. With Optomo, you have the flexibility to specify exactly who will receive notifications from any given bot. This way, you can avoid overloading users with unnecessary information and ensure relevant stakeholders are notified appropriately.

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