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Smart orchestration

Take control of your schedules through a user-friendly interface designed to enhance efficiency.

Powerful Automation Engine

Our robust automation engine customizes schedule triggers based on your unique business needs. Drawing from factors like priority, deadline, virtual machine availability, and license allocation, it ensures the maximum utilization of your resources while keeping deadlines in check. Enjoy increased productivity with less overhead.

Self-optimizing scheduling

With Optomo, you can establish deadline-based schedules that adapt according to past performance and estimated automation workload. This self-optimizing feature ensures timelines are met and provides comprehensive performance tracking down to each individual case. Spend less time on maintenance and more on achieving your business goals.

Multiple triggers

Optomo goes beyond timing triggers, offering a suite of interfaces for seamless integration with your existing applications and processes. Our API gateway allows external event-driven automation triggers, perfect for human-in-the-loop scenarios or on-demand requirements. Additional options, like deadline and queue triggers, ensure that Optomo adapts to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Optomo learn and improve scheduling?
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Optomo utilizes historical data to estimate workload and accurately predict the optimal running time. Over time, as more data points are gathered, the scheduling prediction becomes more accurate, leading to faster case processing and better resource and license utilization.

Am I forced to use a new type of scheduling?
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No, Optomo offers several different schedule options to ensure flexibility in meeting your business requirements. You can set up your schedules according to your preferences and still enjoy the benefits of Optomo.

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