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Value-adding insights

Discover real-time insights about your automation, tailored to serve the needs of diverse stakeholders.

Operational insights

Experience the convenience of real-time dashboards tailored for operational oversight. At a glance, review your automations performance and identify underperforming automations. Dive deeper into specific automations, drilling all the way down to specific cases and logs to pinpoint the root cause of issues.

Business insights

Empower your business with dashboards designed for self-service and complete transparency into your processes and automation. Swiftly access data from recent runs, analyze historical performance, and review exception overviews with ease. The dashboards also enable you to explore specific cases in detail, including data, tags, and logging information.

Value insights

Keep track of the real value generated by your automation and benchmark against your original business case. Gaining a deep understanding of the value created by your automations is critical to any successful automation program. Use our platform to track a wide array of KPIs, offering unique insights into performance and enhancing your communication with stakeholders.


Are insights and dashboards shown in real-time?
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Yes, all insights and dashboards in Optomo provide real-time data and information.

Do I still need to access the control room of the RPA software?
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No need! Optomo streamlines your experience by providing direct access to all data and logs. However, if you wish, you can still access the RPA software and view all sessions in the manner you're used to.

Can I see detailed logs in Optomo?
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Yes, Optomo can visualize various logs, including task and session logs from Blue Prism. The platform offers a faster and more user-friendly experience for efficient root cause analysis.

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